Unleashing Precision with Vzense’s Innovative iToF Cameras

Unleashing Precision with Vzense's Innovative iToF Cameras

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, Vzense stands tall as a pioneering force in the development of cutting-edge iToF cameras. At the heart of their advancements lies the Nuvoton Pulse iToF chip, a testament to their commitment to delivering unparalleled depth-sensing solutions. Dive into a world where innovation meets precision, where every pixel tells a story – welcome to the realm of Vzense’s iToF cameras.

Exploring the DCAM Series: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Vision

Embark on a journey with their DCAM series, where sophistication meets cost-effectiveness. The DCAM550, priced between $369 and $499, and the DCAM560C, ranging from $549 to $649, redefine the landscape of iToF technology. Merging depth and color values, the DCAM series is a testament to their dedication to providing versatile solutions for a wide range of applications.

Pulse iToF Technology Unleashed

Powered by the exceptional Nuvoton Pulse iToF chip, their iToF cameras boast a long effective working distance, up to 6 meters. The customizable field of view, including options like 69°(H)*51°(V) and 102°(H)*85°(V), ensures that your vision is not limited by distance. The high frame rate of up to 30fps suppresses motion blur, guaranteeing crisp and clear 3D depth maps.

Unmatched Independence in Depth Performance

The independent depth performance of their iToF cameras is a game-changer. Unfazed by ambient light or darkness, and impervious to the varied colors or patterns of objects, these cameras redefine accuracy. With a working range spanning 0.16 to 6 meters, the Nuvoton Pulse iToF chip ensures your vision is not just extensive but also precise.


Vzense’s iToF cameras transcend boundaries, finding applications in visual positioning, robotics, smart agriculture, gesture capture, and much more. their commitment to quality, backed by the robust technology of the Pulse iToF chip, opens doors to a world where possibilities are as vast as the depth their cameras can perceive.

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