Streamlined Access Control with Advanced Features: Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate

Streamlined Access Control with Advanced Features Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate

Hikvision, a reputable provider of video monitoring solutions, introduces the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate, a cutting-edge all-in-one access control solution.

All-In-One Integration

The Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate boasts a highly integrated design, incorporating various components into a single device. It combines a fast-speed barrier gate, available in straight boom pole, curved boom pole, and fence boom pole options, with a smart capture camera, supplement light, LCD display, anti-fall radar, help button, voice prompt, and two-way audio.

Anti-Vehicle Following Mode

To address congested vehicle queues, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate incorporates an anti-vehicle following mode. This mode utilizes video and radar/loop technology to detect and manage vehicle queues effectively. The boom pole continues to rise even in a congested scenario, preventing unauthorized access and streamlining traffic flow.

High-Definition Imaging Capability

The inclusion of a 4 MP HD camera with a maximum resolution of 2688 × 1520 and a frame rate of 25 fps ensures clear and detailed images. With its 1/3’’ progressive scan CMOS sensor and 0.022 lux low illumination capability, the device delivers high-quality imaging even in low-light conditions.

Smart Supplement Light and Two-Way Audio

Embedded with nine bright LED lights, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate utilizes smart supplement light technology. This feature enables the device to adjust supplement light control based on time and brightness, effectively meeting the requirements of different application scenarios.


The Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate offers a comprehensive access control solution that combines convenience, efficiency, and advanced features. Whether deployed in parking lots, checkpoints, or other access points, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate represents a reliable and efficient solution for managing vehicular traffic and ensuring robust security measures.     

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