Compact Storage Solutions with YANSEN’s Industrial mSATA Drives

Designed for applications that require frequent read/write operations, this M.2 SSD provides exceptional performance with an IOPS of 81K. It also incorporates garbage collection technology, ensuring efficient and effective clearance of deleted data from the drive. With its temperature range of 0℃ to 70℃, the M.2 SATA is well-suited for use in diverse industrial environments.

High-Performance Storage for Industrial Applications

YANSEN’s industrial mSATA storage device, the M.2 SATA, offers high-performance storage specifically designed for industrial applications. With its advanced 3D TLC technology and impressive IOPS of 81K, this M.2 SSD delivers fast and reliable read/write operations, ensuring efficient data access and transfer. The garbage collection technology incorporated in the drive efficiently clears deleted data, optimizing storage performance. Whether you require storage for automation systems, ruggedized devices, or other industrial applications, YANSEN’s industrial mSATA storage solutions provide the performance and reliability you need.

Enhanced Reliability and Wide Temperature Range

The YANSEN M.2 SATA  industrial mSATA storage device prioritizes reliability and durability. With its robust design and utilization of 3D TLC technology, this M.2 SSD ensures data integrity and longevity. It operates in a temperature range from 0℃ to 70℃, making it suitable for various industrial environments. The M.2 SATA is engineered to withstand challenging conditions, providing reliable storage performance even in demanding applications. Trust YANSEN’s industrial mSATA storage solutions to meet the reliability requirements of  industrial applications.


The M.2 SATA industrial mSATA SSD utilizes 3D TLC technology to deliver exceptional performance for industrial applications. With its impressive IOPS of 81K and garbage collection technology, it ensures efficient read/write operations and optimized storage performance. Operating in a wide temperature range, this SSD is well-suited for diverse industrial environments.

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