Enhancing Fruit Retail with Hanshow Nebular: The Ideal Solution for Fruits Retailers

Success in the ever-changing fruit retail industry depends on offering precise price information and creating memorable customer experiences. Hanshow, a leading provider of electronic shelf labels and digital price tags solutions, offers a cutting-edge product called Hanshow Nebular that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of fruit retailers. With its advanced features, including an active display area, multiple pages, LED flash capabilities, and long battery life, Hanshow Nebular is the ideal choice for fruit retailers looking to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Hanshow Nebular Pro-154 is a compact ESL device with dimensions of 46.7mm x 35.8mm x 10.0mm. Its active display area of 27.0mm x 27.0mm provides sufficient space to showcase pricing information and other relevant details, ensuring clear visibility for customers. With a display size of 1.54 inches and a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels, the Nebular Pro-154 delivers crisp and vibrant content.

Flexible and Customizable Display

Hanshow Nebular Pro-154 supports multiple pages, allowing fruit retailers to display various information, promotions, or messages on the ESL. With eight pages of storage space, retailers can easily switch between different pricing strategies or highlight specific products based on customer preferences. Additionally, the device offers LED flash capabilities with seven colors, enabling retailers to create eye-catching displays that attract customers’ attention.

Long Battery Life and Durability

One of the standout features of Hanshow Nebular Pro-154 is its impressive battery life. With a LiMnO₂ battery, the ESL can last up to 10 years with two updates per day, ensuring minimal maintenance and operational costs for fruit retailers. The device is designed to withstand the working conditions of a retail environment, with a working temperature range of 0-40˚C and a protection level of IP68, making it dustproof and waterproof.


By choosing Hanshow Nebular, fruit retailers can streamline operations, reduce costs, and create a visually appealing shopping environment that attracts and retains customers. With Hanshow as their trusted partner, fruit retailers can elevate their business and thrive in the ever-evolving retail industry.

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