Five Tips for Choosing and Hanging Curtains in Dubai

Five Tips for Choosing and Hanging Curtains in Dubai

Today, will compile some fascinating curtain tips and tricks into a single blog post. If you’re looking for new Curtains In Dubai, we’re confident that this blog will help you.

Let’s take a look at important tips for choosing curtains in Dubai:

Tips for Choosing Curtains in Dubai:

When choosing curtains, keep the following points in mind: Fabric, curtain colors, and the appearance of space are the first things to consider.

Choose the best curtain fabric:

The most crucial recommendation when purchasing curtains is to select the best fabric. When choosing a curtain, consider your room. What is your room used for? If you want to put cheap curtains from Dubai in your bedroom, opt for blackout curtains. If you want to put curtains in your living room, we recommend using sheer curtains and pairing them with blinds or curtains.

Let’s discuss prints on fabric. A dark cloth with a large floral print works well in large rooms. A small space looks best with light-colored curtains with modest patterns on them. Floaty, translucent textiles give your home a sense of depth.

Onedubaicarpet has a large range of curtains. Talk to our designer about your room’s decor and requirements. He’ll suggest the best curtains for your space.

Focus on the curtain color:

Color selection is critical when creating a room’s ambience. Curtains might help to balance out your room’s color palette. If your walls are all one hue, consider a contrast color.

If your walls are more than one color, choose matching drapes; alternatively, try our double-colored curtains. We accept requests for bespoke color curtains in Dubai.

If you have a rug or a sofa in your room, coordinate your curtains in Dubai with them to create a stunning look. If you are unsure about the color scheme, snap a photo of your space and submit it to us. Our designers will assist you in choosing the perfect color of curtains for your room.

Before hanging your curtains, steam or press them:

No books or pamphlets discuss this tip, despite its extreme simplicity and ease of use. It takes less time and effort to press or steam your curtains, but the result is a more polished appearance.

 Creased and crumpled fabric makes your curtains appear weary and aged. Take a few minutes to steam your curtains before hanging them.One Dubai Carpet delivers steamed curtains for installation.

Create the illusion of space.

Install your curtain pole a little higher than usual. It makes the ceiling appear higher. To maintain the traditional design, add a little additional fabric so that the drapes touch the floor, creating an attractive impression.

When it comes to fabric, choose vertically striped curtains in Dubai. It will make the ceiling appear higher, even though it is not. Vertical stripes always give the idea of greater space in a room. Vertical stripes help to create the illusion of additional space in the room.

Weighted bottoms

If you use light fabric for your Dubai curtains, they will drape awkwardly. We have a straightforward and simple solution for this problem. Attach a little weight to the curtain hem. It will allow the curtains to hang straighter and drape more beautifully. You can also add hefty frills at the bottom of the curtains to make them heavier and produce a smooth fall.

One Dubai Carpet offers a gorgeous variety of frills for your curtains. We also have some stunning curtain accessories to pick from.


Onedubaicarpet has the solution to all of your Dubai curtain issues. We accept bespoke orders and design your curtains with your room’s style and specifications in mind.

We create each detail according to the client’s specifications. Buy curtains online and easily have them installed at your home.

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